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We are a dedicated Health & Safety organization, with a number of specialities.


Portable Appliance Testing

One of the major causes of fire within commercial premises is faulty electrical equipment, which means that it is very important to check that this equipment is safe to be left and is also safe for staff to use.

We can arrange for these checks, sometimes known as PAT Testing, on a regular basis, dependant upon the type of equipment used and the circumstances in which it is being used. All tests and recordings are carried out in accordance with the IET code of practice for the testing of in service electrical equipment, with all tests being carried out by staff who have been specifically trained to use this standard.

We can assure any client that their equipment will be tested using the correct measuring devices, to the recognised standard and by competant personnel only. We also make sure that the client is aware of when any re-tests are due, so he doesn't have to worry about keeping his records up to date.

We automatically change any fuses that are not correctly sized and also replace any damaged plugs, any further repairs needed would be reported back to the client for further action, with the specific item removed from service.

Charges for tests and inspections are dependent upon quantity and location. For a quotation please contact us with your details.


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