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Hopefully, with your businesses moving forward, now is the right time to review and renew your Health & Safety procedures

Anchor Health and Safety
is a consultancy business that provides specific and dedicated health & safety advice to all sections of commerce and industry. We specialise in providing Fire Risk Assessments for all types of commercial operations, we also can arrange for Electrical Appliance Testing (PAT) in accordance with the IET code of practice using only trained testers. We can help you set up a dedicated Health & Safety Management system for your organisation, whether this be bespoke or in line with the international standard

We pride ourselves in providing professional and experienced advice, tailored to suit your specific requirements, we do not provide stock solutions for all. Our main priority is to ensure that our clients have the correct level of health and safety, for their needs, operated in a sensible and realistic manner, without creating mountains of un-necessary and un-wanted forms.

It is very important for commercial operations to take health and safety seriously, firstly to keep your staff, visitors and the public safe from potential harm, secondly to ensure that you are not exposed to un-necessary blame leading to legal action, thirdly to ensure that your operation remains within insurance parameters and finally to reduce lost time in the work place. All this leads to a safer and happier work place, which in turn should have improved financial implications.

Should you have any concerns over your health & safety, would like us to provide a specific service for your organisation, or just want a bit of advice, then please contact us; we are here to help!











Your Safety in Secure Hands !

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